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Who are Lifestyle4health?

Lifestyle4health is a collaboration between SCENAR Training and Ocean Footprint Ltd. Best part of a year ago we started looking into products that could help with health. We started off by looking at existing products that we have used in our pain relief clinic for over 15 years – the healing blanket and SCENAR electrode gloves. More exciting products are to follow!

We developed the ‘more responsive’ SCENAR gloves by using silver thread that is used in EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) products. Samples were field tested in our clinic with excellent results and after a couple of minor design changes the new gloves were born.

The healing blanket has been a favourite of ours for years. The original Russian version is called the ULM Blanket and while excellent, was not perfect in that it was rough, very heavy at 2.75kg and made a ‘crinkly’ noise when you moved? Our blanket is soft, quiet, only 750g and is a multi-purpose ‘3 in 1’ blanket – healing blanket to hold the energy in, EMF protection blanket and an earthing blanket with the optional lead and earthing plug.

We are committed to producing products of a very high quality, at competitive prices, while improving your health and wellbeing.



It’s well known that silver demonstrates anti-microbial properties. This knowledge has been around for centuries. What is less known is how it kills micro-organisms.

Silver ions (Ag+) bind themselves to the cell wall of bacteria, and effectively block substances from entering or exiting the cell. The silver ions then enter the cell, where they then destroy energy production by blocking the respiratory system of the cell. They also bind to the DNA, which inhibits the cell’s ability to reproduce through cell division. It also causes the cell membrane to burst, and the bacteria itself to destruct. Not only does silver effectively inhibit the spread of bacteria, but dead bacteria that has been exposed to it can actually destroy living bacteria as well.

Based on this knowledge, the silver in both the blanket and the SCENAR gloves will help kill micro-bacteria maintaining healthy clean products. A real bonus if you are using these products in a clinic.

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