We live in strange times at the moment.

Energies are erratic and some dangerous!

we need to protect ourselves and boost our energy levels…

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We are fully qualified and experienced health & wellbeing practitioners with a combined total of over 46 years experience and knowledge. Over the last 7 years we have seen a massive increase in bad energy related conditions caused by 4G, 5G, wi-fi  and other transmitting devices. This experience to treating these conditions in our clinic has enabled us to take an existing product, enhance its effectiveness and half the cost along with many other benefits.

The Ocean 3 in 1 Healing Blanket and SCENAR Electrode Gloves

The Ultimate 3 in 1 Healing Blanket

Energy Healing Blanket
EMF Protection Blanket
Extreme Earthing Blanket

3 in 1 Healing blanket, Earthing Blanket and EMF Protection Blanket

Keeps your body’s natural healing energy encapsulated within your body. Works as a powerful Earthing Blanket and due to the inner layer being not just foil but pure silver EMF fabric for full protection from external radiation frequencies!

Pure Silver Woven Gloves

Made with electromagnetic frequency fibres for excellent results

High Quality, Pure Silver Woven SCENAR Gloves for Enhanced Treatments

The Conductive Glove for Electrotherapy offers an alternative approach to using electrodes to provide electrotherapy treatments. The high quality and enhanced EMF silver frabric provides higher results than normal electrotherapy gloves and the fabric is super soft.


Taking the traditional healing blanket to the next level of effectiveness

The Ocean 3 in 1 Healing Blanket

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Amazing High Quality

These Energy healing blankets were designed by us and manufactured to the highest standards. Beautiful strong stitching with amazing soft and durable fabric. Unlike the Russian ULM blankets, ours are fully washable so you can keep hygiene at the highest level, especially if you are using these in a clinic environment.

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99.9% EMF Protection

The highest quality and EMF protection from any EMF material. The company that makes the EMF material for us are a commercial grade manufacturing company. For over 30 years all they have made is EMF fabric and products. This amount of protection comes from using the highest percentage of silver yarn.

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Silky Bamboo fabric

This bamboo yarn/linen has a silky texture. When bamboo fabric is made, it is environmentally friendly, and the resulting textile is strong and long-lasting. Bamboo fabric is highly breathable thus reducing heat build up, and it is also stretchier than cotton. Bamboo textiles are often thinner than their cotton counterparts while remaining greater in tensility. This is why our blanket weighs 0.75kg and the Russian one 2.75kg!! Bamboo fabric is pure, no nasties mixed with it!

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Pure Silver Fibres

Incredible attention to detail produces fibres that are coated in pure silver while remaining soft and flexible. The silver creating a safe and natural anti-bacterial fibre.

This also means that the transmitted signal has greater purity meaning more effective results.

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Ultimate '3in1' Blanket

This was such a breakthrough finding the right materials to achieve our 3 in 1 blanket. Use as a healing blanket trapping the energy within the body, plug in to a socket and it becomes a powerful earthing or grounding blanket. Finally the extreme high quality EMF material used on one side stops all bad transmitted frequencies like 4G, 5G, wi-fi, bluetooth etc. Put your mobile phone under the blanket and it stops it dead as though it is turned off. Then the outer fabric is organic bamboo – so pure and no nasty chemical ridden fabric.

The Healing Blanket

The ULM Healing Blanket is a Russian product that is very effective but with limitations and useability issues.

As therapists we have been using the ULM blanket for over 16 years. We use it our pain relief clinic and at home with great effectiveness but have always felt there is more potential. The blanket is two layers of fabric encapsulating a sheet of foil to help the body ‘hold’ its healing energy. The Russian blanket is VERY heavy and ‘crinkly’ in sound as you move it around, when you fold it up it is VERY bulky and heavy at 2.75kg in weight! This heaviness is also apparent when you have the blanket over you and the heat build up is quite high as well.

Every time you order a blanket from Russia the delivery cost is £42 due to the bulk and weight. The Russian blankets are selling between £410.00 and £675.00 depending on single or dual layer of foil. The latter supposedly being more effective.

We have spent the last 12 months researching and testing these products with a large group of patients while developing our own product that is more effective and at a much lower cost. The Russian silver foil product must be used a certain way round in order to work, a pain if the label comes off the product and you don’t know which way, as ours has after so many years. The basic cost and import duties/postage of these blankets has made it impossible for us to sell these on a commercial basis to the therapists we train around the world. Our drive to re-invent this product was not just the effectiveness and comfort, but also to be able to get a price break that would allow therapist to sell these to their clients. A better product and more cost effective for everyone.

This we have achieved with amazing results! The first field trials conducted by us and a selection of third parties/patients has yielded amazing feedback and results.

Our blanket has also been taken to the next level by being 3 in 1 – a healing blanket, an earthing blanket and an EMF radiation protection blanket. The 3 products:

  1. The traditional healing blanket but with greater effectiveness, a fraction of the weight, soft and not crinkly (no foil sheet).
  2. Connect the earthing wire to the blanket and it works like an earthing blanket by absorbing unwanted energies/frequencies and dispersing them into the earth.
  3. Mobile signals 4G & 5G, wi-fi, Bluetooth, radar, and other frequency emissions are getting more and more dangerous, causing illness or a feeling of unwellness. Whatever your believes, 5G is harmful and causing a lot of health issues. The 3rd function of the blanket is as an EMF protection product. It stops all of the bad signals’ dead in their tracks!

How does it work?

Healing blanket ULM is a special medical device. Its action is based on the characteristics
of the human body as a self-regulating system. The basic principle is creating an environment in which the radiation of the human body is not scattered, but transformed.
From the patient’s side, the screening layer of the medical blanket reflects electromagnetic radiation in the high-frequency infrared screen. Thus, failures of a person’s own self-healing systems are corrected. The Blanket has health benefits because it works as an energy mirror, reflecting the body’s natural radiation back and showing the body its ‘energetic portrait’. The body corrects its imperfections, by rebalancing and restoring the harmony and beauty of its natural energy flow, gradually improving the state of health. The body regains its natural healing powers, returning to the path that was so evident in our youth, when our self-recovery ability was its strongest.  

Consider the benefits:  

  • Immediate reduction of stress and tension (mental or physical) and sleep improvement  
  • Repeated use strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to seasonal infections and allergies  
  • Reduces recovery period from traumas, injuries, surgery, and common illnesses and enhances the effect of any medication, as well as shortens long-term disability claims  
  • Increases brain wave activity thereby enhancing mood and one’s outlook  
  • Safe to use with no complications, contraindications, or side effects  
  • Can be a stand-alone treatment or combine with other therapies, fitness or wellness programs
  • Portable, user friendly and durable product that requires little training 
  • Environmentally friendly with no power source 
  • Excellent for use at home, in a therapy room, fitness centre, or at a workstation 
  • It takes only 20 to 40 minutes of soothing comfort in a relaxed environment

Because the blanket does not treat, but improves the processes of self-correction in general, a wide variety of dysfunctional conditions and diseases of the body are positively influenced. The best results have been achieved with so-called “symptoms of sympathetic nervous system disorders”, such as stress and stress-related or spastic conditions and diseases.  

Owing to an ultimate simplicity of its application and absence of known complications, you can easily use the blanket at home or away – for a daily stress-relief, and relaxation, sleep improvement, prevention of diseases and support in their treatment. It is recommended for almost everyone – and particularly for those, who have endured recent illness, trauma or surgery.

With our blanket, by replacing the sheet of foil with the highest quality silver EMF fabric the difference is dramatic! Please follow this link if you wish to learn more about the effectiveness and necessity of EMF fabric. Basically, EMF fabric blocks 99.99% of any energies entering the body while stopping 99.99% of the healing energy from leaving the body. Both at the same time! Put your mobile phone under the blanket and it will stop working. Nothing in or nothing out. Healing, protection and earthing all at the same time.


“The ocean healing blanket brings one a sense of calm and comfort unrivalled by any other product I have tried. It’s lightweight, soft and the healing essence brings immediate comfort to the wearer.

I have had mine for 12 weeks it has travelled far and wide with me and brought me peace at every step. Whether it is wrapped around you, under or on top of it the blanket provides security and wholeness. It’s has amazing healing and restorative qualities that create a feeling of recovery and calmness.

I can recommend this product wholeheartedly and without reservation.” Claire, Chichester

Key Benefits

  • Affordable
  • Effective
  • Multi-use 3 in 1 – Healing, Earthing, EMF protection
  • Washable (the Russian blankets are not!!)
  • Soft and anti-bacterial 99%
  • One side of blanket is high quality EMF material, other side is 89% very soft bamboo with 4% silver and 7% elastane content.
  • High quality workmanship
  • 99% shielding efficiency
  • 99% healing capacity
  • Not an off the shelf product but one made for us to our specifications after 16 years clinic experience of using the less effective Russian blankets.

Earthing (Grounding) Explained
The earth is a massive reservoir of negatively charged free electrons. Without a connection to earth, the cells in our body are unable to balance the positive charge which results from things like electron-deficient free radicals. When we use the earthing products, the positive and negative ions are attracted together and the negative ions enter the human body to keep us in good health.

Some clients have reported the following benefits, staying connected to earth:

*Improved Sleep
*Assists in Regulating Hormones
*Improved Circulation
*Reduced Stress/Anxiety/Irritability
*Reduced Electro-sensitivity
*Maintain Bio-Electrical Balance
*Anti Aging/Antioxidant/Anti-Inflammatory

Please note: Our Silver EMF fabric is correctly tested and measured using industrial RF Meter, not by measuring mobile phone coverage or wi-fi. This fabric blocks RF Radiation which is the danger from all our electronic devices, smart meters, 3G, 4G, 5G and more.

3 in 1 Healing Blanket 150cm x 210cm
The silver 3 in 1 healing blanket can be purchased...
Heritage Farm rapid Detox Bath Mixture Tub
Heritage Farm Rapid Detox Bath Mixture
£48.00 inc. VAT (£40.00 exc. VAT)
Rapid Detox Bath Mixture Sufficient for 10 to 12 baths,...


Effective SCENAR gloves made from high-grade Electro Magnetic Fabric (EMF) for maximum transmission of a pure signal

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SCENAR Electrode Gloves

The SCENAR electrode gloves have two amazing uses, firstly if you use them as they are i.e. dry, they are great for just wearing and treating the following: Arthritis of the hand, Repetitive Strain Injury, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and General pain in the hand. As a therapist, use the gloves wet for the most amazingly effective results!

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Pure Silver Fibers (EMF)

These are not your normal SCENAR electrode gloves. We have been using te original gloves in our pain relief clinic for over 14 years and had always wanted something more effective. We developed our own gloves using Electro Magnetic Frequency or fileds (EMF) material. This generates a purer and stronger signal with excellent results.

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For Home or Clinic use

If you want to take the gloves to the next level then let’s turn them into Magic Gloves! The gloves require the electrode leads in order to connect to your SCENAR device (same leads as used for the patches). Connect them up and put on a pair of surgical/vinyl gloves first, then the SCENAR electrode gloves on top. This stops the signal entering your body and allows the full signal for treating your client. Now WET the gloves, not just damp but wet – amazing rapid results!

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Effective SCENAR Electrode Gloves

The gloves are sold as a pair with connectors. When using the gloves wet you have to treat them as almost a disposable item like the patches. The patches wear out after so many treatments, as do wet gloves. If you are using the gloves dry they will last for years. IMPORTANT: when using the gloves wet you must gently wash them in antibacterial soap and then dry immediately ater a treatment. New design, new materials and amazing results.

3 in 1 Healing Blanket 150cm x 210cm
The silver 3 in 1 healing blanket can be purchased...
Heritage Farm rapid Detox Bath Mixture Tub
Heritage Farm Rapid Detox Bath Mixture
£48.00 inc. VAT (£40.00 exc. VAT)
Rapid Detox Bath Mixture Sufficient for 10 to 12 baths,...

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