Blanket Usage & Considerations

we need to protect ourselves and boost our energy levels…

How to use your blanket

The Healing Blanket is an amazing piece of simple technology that works effectively! Although it is not an electronic device, it is made from natural elements like bamboo, silver and cotton, it still needs to be treated with the same respect.

Below is a list of different ways to use the blanket and some considerations.


Best way to use the healing blanket is to wrap yourself up. So lay it on the sofa or bed, sit or lie down and then wrap ir wround to you are ‘cocooned’. Now relax.


Your laptop transmits a range of bad frequencies/energies that are harmful to your body. When you sit down with your laptop on your lap your body is absorbing the lot!! Not good for your reproductive organs. Put the healing blanket on your lap forst for full protection.


Wrapping up in the healing blanket can be effective at reducing stress and headaches. If your head is really bad place it over your head like a hoodie.


Pain or injury can be helped by being wrapped up in the healing blanket. Allowing your body’s own energy to start the repair process.


Your broadband router is not friendly. If it is in the same room as you the healing blanket can help.


If you or your child are feeling unwell then lie under the healing blanket for recovery.


At night time use the healing blanket like a throw and sleep under protection. The blanket is so light you wont even know it is there!


More and more people are becoming sensitive to wi-fi, bluetooth etc. Wrap up!


You can also sit in a chair with the healing blanket around you for an effective energy boost.


Remember if your are using the healing blanket on a youg child or baby, not to smother them.


The healing blanket has so many uses and benefits. Hope you enjoy them.

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to get in touch.

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