Blanket Washing Instructions

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The Healing Blanket is an amazing piece of simple technology that works effectively! Although it is not an electronic device, it is made from natural elements like bamboo, silver and cotton, it still needs to be treated with the same respect.

Wherever possible try and keep it clean as constant washing is not advised. If you are concerned, you can put the blanket inside a duvet cover and it will not affect its functionality.

In the need for washing  please follow the following instructions:


Do not wash the blanket in a washing machine, hand wash only. Using a washing machine will invalidate your warranty.


Hand wash only and gently. Do not wring the water out of the blanket, gently squeeze.


Do not use bleach on this product as it will destroy the properties of the pure silver EMF material and invalidate your warranty.

Avoid using softened water, especially from a salt or chemical water softener.


The blanket is NOT suitable for dry cleaning!


Please wash in cooler water. Modern detergents are perfectly designed for low temperature washing. This is also great for the planet!


A product like Ecover ZERO Wool & Silk Laundry detergent is effective with no added colouring, bleach, or fragrance. This can be purchased from major supermarkets or at


If the blanket needs ironing use a low temperature and only iron the bamboo fabric side!


If the blanket needs ironing DO NOT use the steam setting!


DO NOT tumble dry the blanket, hang up to dry inside if you can, or in the shade outside.


If drying the blanket outside, please dry in the shade. The blanket it like any other article of clothing in that is needs to be dried as quickly as possible to stop the potential damp smell.

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to get in touch.

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