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Healing Blanket Independent Testing Results

Once the healing blanket was developed and received, Lifestyle 4 Health reached out to Mike at ‘Special EMF Services‘ to test one of the blankets. Mike is a professional EMF Consultant who surveys homes and places of work to measure EMF exposure and advice on how to reduce exposure to such power densities. Mike has a number of advanced testing devices with the capability to test a multitude of EMF’s including low frequency exposures from the grid and household appliances to high frequency exposures from telecommunications equipment etc. He often advertises in the Light paper and has been offering his EMF consultation service to readers. Mike is reaching out to local assemblies and groups to arrange multiple surveys by area to share the travel costs to reduce the survey price for the individual.

Results for the Healing Blanket:

I tested the High Frequency capability with a meter that has an external antenna so I could wrap the blanket around it to demonstrate the power density reduction.

With the antenna exposed while streaming a YouTube video on a mobile phone the meter registered a peak hold figure of over 200 microwatts per meter square (uWm2) from a distance of 1.5 meters away from the phone.

When the antenna was protected by the blanket the figure was reduced to 2.0 uWm2 which demonstrates a 99%+ reduction in high frequency power density exposure.

It’s important to bear in mind that the blanket is not a faraday cage and how well you wrap yourself in it will determine how well you are protected by it. For example: if you were laying with it over you in bed and you had wireless router below; it would not protect from this kind of exposure. You must have it wrapped around you as tightly as possible.

When the blanket was earthed it reduced low frequency electric field exposure by 80 to 90%. It is very important to bear in mind that low frequency electric and magnetic field exposure from the electricity that powers our homes and every devices that connects to it presents health risks equal to and in certain cases more serious than high frequency (wireless) radiation depending on the nature of the circumstances.


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