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Healing Blanket Update!

Wow, we had no idea that the interest in the healing blanket would be so high! Thank you so much for all your orders and at the moment they are being packed and dispatched same day. Please keep in touch with your feedback, always good to hear from you all.

We are putting together therapist packs of 3 blankets at a special rate for reselling to your clients, will get back to you when this offer is ready. You asked for this option and we will make it available.

For therapists, try and use the blanket on yourself and your family at home as much as possible to gain feedback and change. Remember the healing blanket can only make a positive change.

We have now been using the new SCENAR EMF gloves for 4 months in our pain relief clinic and the therapists love them. The results are effective. If you have any questions or would just like a chat about the healing blanket or SCENAR electrode gloves, please get in touch. Happy to answer your questions and see how you are using them. Likewise, if you haven’t experienced SCENAR therapy and would like to know more, give me a call: or 07733204477



It’s well known that silver demonstrates anti-microbial properties. This knowledge has been around for centuries. What is less known is how it kills micro-organisms.

Silver ions (Ag+) bind themselves to the cell wall of bacteria, and effectively block substances from entering or exiting the cell. The silver ions then enter the cell, where they then destroy energy production by blocking the respiratory system of the cell. They also bind to the DNA, which inhibits the cell’s ability to reproduce through cell division. It also causes the cell membrane to burst, and the bacteria itself to destruct. Not only does silver effectively inhibit the spread of bacteria, but dead bacteria that has been exposed to it can actually destroy living bacteria as well.

Based on this knowledge, the silver in both the blanket and the SCENAR gloves will help kill micro-bacteria maintaining healthy clean products. A real bonus if you are using these products in a clinic.

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