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we need to protect ourselves and boost our energy levels…


Once the healing blanket was developed and received, Lifestyle 4 Health reached out to Mike at ‘Special EMF Services‘ to test one of the blankets. Mike is a professional EMF Consultant who surveys homes and places of work to measure EMF exposure and advice …


Wow, we had no idea that the interest in the healing blanket would be so high! Thank you so much for all your orders and at the moment they are being packed and dispatched same day. Please keep in touch with your feedback, always …


EMF protection is no easy feat. As you’ll learn below, electromagnetic radiation emits from sources all around us – many of which are beyond our control. So is shielding yourself easy? No. Possible? Yes…once you are armed with the right information. Providing the knowledge …


Lifestyle4health is a collaboration between SCENAR Training and Ocean Footprint Ltd. Best part of a year ago we started looking into products that could help with health. We started off by looking at existing products that we have used in our pain relief clinic …


Treatment sessions vary depending on your condition and desired outcomes; for a one-off recovery session after intensive training or a stressful or traumatic time – then you let your body decide how long it needs in the ULM blanket to recover, this could be …


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